Forever Young: An Anti-Ageing Guide for the Terrified

Vain About Myself not my Kitchen

Many people spend tens of thousands of pounds remodelling their kitchens and bathrooms. This is perfectly acceptable, and nobody judges them harshly.  As for me, I like to spend my money buying time.  I prefer to look 10 years younger and leave my bathroom and kitchen looking 10 years older.
We live in a society that glorifies age yet, as a society we have strong aversion to some body interventions. Spending money and time on fashion, healthy eating, exercise, makeup, hair is not only accepted but also expected.  Botox, fillers, plastic surgery are viewed with disdain and attract criticism.  
“Embrace your age” they say, “Age gracefully” they quip in unison, “Be natural” … Really?  Where is the line where OK stops being OK according to these self-appointed critics? All of us strive to make our bodies better by dieting, exercising, shaving, going to the dentist, the hairdresser, is this wrong?  We all do it every day.
My body, my money, my decision.  I expect that many women agree with me, so to those of you I say: read on and get ready to jump into the wonderful world of anti-ageing treatments. 
If you are the sort of person that wants to age gracefully, loves their wrinkles because they are life badges, lets their hair go grey and wraps themselves in a comfortable house coat, you need not read further. Everyone else, read on.

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