• Alexandra Filia

Did you kiss your lover on the way to work?

I absolutely love this photo. It is the time in a couple's life where nothing matters other than each other and they still remember to show it every day no matter who is watching.

Connection is quite a tenuous thing. You may be with someone for years and never realise that your connection has slowly frayed and the love has transformed to familiarity.

Especially if you have a young family, you may find that you are like ships in the night.

Sleeping together, eating together, but not really being together. You can be both preoccupied with life while missing out on the most important bond you have with your partner. Now don't get me wrong, familiarity is fabulous. Knowing someone's habits and being able to navigate the day in a flowing seamless way is also wonderful, but you need to balance it with a loving squeeze of his hand, a cuddle on the sofa and a public kiss on the way to work.

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