• Alexandra Filia

If there is a lid for every pot, why am I alone?

Here is a newsflash for you. If men are flocking your way and you need a stick to shake them off, then continue being yourself. If, however, you are still alone despite your best efforts, then being yourself is not working out.

You have probably heard that there is a lid for every pot and made it your mantra. Here are some pots that need to work a little harder to find a lid:

Whiny women

If nothing makes you happy and you go around complaining and whining, you will be hard pressed to land a prince. Furthermore, if you landed one in the past and you developed your whiny habit at a later time beware, you may lose your lid. Chronic complaining sucks the joy out of those around you and they naturally want to avoid being near your negativity.

Women who do not look after themselves

I don’t need to get into detail here, but if you haven’t had a haircut in donkey’s years, your favourite outfit is a tent, you keep meaning to replace that missing tooth and your makeup is applied with a trowel when do something different to attract a guy.

Women who demand instant emotional attachment

You just met a guy and had a great time. He clearly likes you and would like to see you again. You have been on two dates and you are already desperately in love. Dreaming of moving in together and wanting to spend every minute with him. Between the first and second date you sent him a text every hour. Then he blocks you because you are a crazy person and you never see him again.

Women who are needy

You need to know his every move and within a short time you have surrendered your identity to his. If he doesn’t answer the phone instantly you imagine the worst and you demand he spends every second with you. You have no life of your own and you need constant reassurance of his love and devotion. I will say no more, but there is a long list of behaviours that come with this type of person and none of them are welcome.

Women who don’t like dating and never leave the house

There is a fairy tale where a prince on a white horse arrived at the door, swept the girl off her feet and married her, no questions asked. I am afraid, real life dating is lots of hard work and needs a resilient disposition. For love to find you, you may need to kiss a few frogs.

And here is a final thought for you. If you are one or all of these things, then who is your Mr Right. Is he desperate? A love addict? Appreciates whining or is a chronic complainer? Is insincere? What if he whines, is needy and does not look after himself? Would you be attracted to him? Would you think he is the “one”?

Thinking you are great just the way you are is awesome, but if you keep spending your evenings on your own in front of the TV then you should accept that you have a fan group of one. Take a look at your half of the equation, make changes and watch your luck change.

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