• Alexandra Filia

Once you decide you can live with a bad habit, never bring it up again!

This is the thing, when we first meet a guy, we totally overlook his bad habits. Farting, nose picking, chewing with mouth open, making a clicking sound, leaving the toilet seat up, are all overlooked during the heady early days of love. Some of these habits may even appear sort of cute or boyish. When you first sleep together, you may be perfectly content to lay awake next to the object of your affection, while he lets out these cute little snores… but give it a couple of months.

I am telling you now, beware! These very habits are the biggest killers of relationships. They can lead to murder. As time passes and his halo fades what remains is familiarity and a collection of habits that do not appear as endearing any more. You probably have some as well; and you know what? These habits are here to stay…

Rarely they go away. I have heard of people who have managed to stop chewing their nails. More often they don’t. Then the bickering starts. Your turn up your nose at his farts, hold down his hand when it reaches for his nose, get more and more annoyed at falling through the toilet in the middle of the night. Why can’t he just stop? He won’t because he can’t and there is only one solution. You must separate the habits you can live with and those that you can’t. He may be the king of the jungle, an amazing guy in every way, that is, every way other than that thing he does (insert habit).

Even a single habit you cannot live with will kill the relationship, guaranteed. You will resent him for doing it, he will resent you for telling him. All your love and respect for each other will boil down to that one thing that grinds on your nerves daily. If that one thing exists in your relationship, there is only one solution. You either walk away, or, if you decide you can live with one of his bad habits, NEVER bring it up again.

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