• Alexandra Filia

YOGA pants anyone? What outfits do men like?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Rivers of ink have been spent writing about what men really like to see women wear. Plenty of women have strongly professed that they don't care about what men think and they only wear what they like. This statement for course is not exactly true as men rarely voice their opinions on women's outfits out of fear for the repercussions and women of course dress the way they THINK men would find them attractive.

I could get into details here, such as men hate clogs and wide shoulder jackets and jumpers, but I won't as this stand alone information is misleading. What men really like is women who dress right for the occasion, the environment and show that they care a little about their appearance. In short, the clothing and the style of clothes should be a reflection of the personality of woman that a particular man enjoys being with. Again and again men say that they don't care at all about edgy items and many openly dislike them. Yet, women, despite their age and size, buy them and wear them thinking that it makes guys think that they are cool and edgy themselves.

If you ask a man what he likes, he'll tell you to dress in a way that you feel defines you and dress for the formality of the event/occasion of the day. A bit vague, I know, but on that front, my advice is to ask him what he really thinks and little by little you will get his preferences.

Having said all that, here is the foolproof item to wear according to research of 1000 participants. 71 percent of both women and men expressed an affinity for yoga pants. But, the reasonings behind this shared attraction came from predictably different places.

While the ladies described the bundles of spandex as “comfy,” “relaxing” and “casual,” the fellas came up with terms like “sexy,” “tight” and “nice.”

Sweaty Betty, here we come!

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