Recover From Your Breakup

Be happy again!

Going through a breakup is tough.  If you are going through one, my heart goes out to you.  

Getting dumped is a challenging time no matter how you dress it.  It is never mutual, there is always one party hurting a lot more than the other and it can happen suddenly and with little warning.  I know because this is what happened to me when my husband of 22 years decided to bolt and leave me nursing a broken heart and a broken home.  .  As I struggled through unchartered territory, I learned a great deal and also regretted quite a bit. I had to pick up the pieces quickly and move on for the sake of my sanity and also for my two lovely daughters. 

I hope that those of you out there balling your eyes out over some guy (who more than likely does not deserve it), find my experience useful and your breakup easier. It is a guide to prepare you, so that you know what to say and do to create the best possible outcome for yourself. 

I wrote this book because I want you to be happy and whole again.  Day-by-day I will guide you through a healing process that will get you back to where you were before your confidence was knocked and bruised.  You come first!  Learn how to get there now.

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